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our website support services

Script Updates

The web will keep changing and server software will always be updated to a new version... and this is for the life of the internet.

We keep your scripts updated to the latest version as these changes occur. this is a major proactive measure to keep your side visible all year round.


Things can go wrong at times, from your website showing errors or in a state of inaccessibility.

We troubleshoot your website to first identify the cause of the problem, and configure it in such a way that re-occurrences will be minimised when your website is safely back online.

Website Updates

As your business grows, there may arise a need to make certain modifications to your website.

We can help you tell the story of your new product/service by putting up the right words and images to update your website with this new information.

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No business prays for things to go wrong, but one of the things you don't want to be dealing with is website problems when that time could be usefully invested in concentrating on your primary business. Websites get thrown offline sporadically for myriads of reasons that could cause delays and affect the bottom-line of your business.

At CloudWurkz, we adopt proactive measures that guarantee our clients' sites 99.9% up-time so that the business can focus on its core activities. For businesses that run into issues and contact us, we troubleshoot the issues to determine the fault and cause to get things working within the shortest possible time.

troubleshooting methodology

Errors Database

We maintain a huge and growing database of possible errors that can be visible when your website loads

Based on these errors and our experience, we can detect and resolve.

Proactive Monitoring

For websites that we control the hosting, we get notifications when major server changes are going to occur.

We make the necessary adjustments to update and secure your site to maintain up-time

Minimize re-occurrence

We troubleshoot the fault but we must detect the cause as this information is key to adjust key settings to greatly minimize a repeat of the same fault.

Threshold Notifications

A key technique that we primarily use to react in good time before things get complicated.

From disk space to bandwidth usage. We are aware in real-time if quotas are exceeded before they begin to cause problems.