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YOU HAVE TO MOVE Let's Make it easy

Why you may want to move your website

Poor Hosting Company Support

One of the number one reasons people want to move: your site is down and you have to wait for almost an hour before you can chat or you are spending huge on phone bills just listening to the helpdesk.

Its time to look for better service.

Complications with emails

Small businesses that do low volume emails may want to use their local server to send mails. and if these begins to develop problems that seem to be unsolvable, the next option may be to move your whole site.

We make the process uncomplicated.

Certain Features cant work

This depends on the kind of website you have. for example, if it was an online community and you find that for some reason certain new features/plugins that are added dont seem to work, but for som reason you have seen it work somewhere else...

You Know what to do

CloudWurkz Safe Migration

Most businesses decide to move their websites for myriads of reasons ranging from poor support services from the hosting company, or issues with the server e.g. the current server may not support certain functions that have to be performed by the website. The reasons are endless.

Before we move your website, we take careful consideration of what type it is. Does it have a database? are cron jobs working daily? is it an online shopping website or online community that supports 3rd party payment systems? These considerations guide us in our approach to moving your website in order to ensure that all modules work at the new host.

Our Migration Approach

Site Evaluation

We do a proper assessment of your website to ascertain its content: the size of the files and database in the case of a Content Management System(CMS).

Hot Backup

We do a cumulative backup without disrupting the visibility of your website. We make sure that download is done in a format that is easily interpreted by the destination server.


Files and database/s are uploaded to the destination server and we thoroughly check that every module, plugin etc. is in its correct folder


This is where we make all the necessary adjustments on the new server to ensure that it interacts properly with the database and the website becomes visible from its new server