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WHAT THEY SEE Especially your Clients

Our web development services

Responsive Web Design

Todays websites should look presentable on both web and mobile. Our approach to each development project ensures that your visitors can view your website from any device

Statistics have shown that more people visit websites from their mobile devices..

Content Development

One of the major problems of businesses owning websites, is the inability to properly explain their business in the online space

Our approach maps out all the key information that is required and presents them in as simple terms that will easily be interpreted by your clients.


The perfect blend of words and pictures has the potential to communicate your businesses goods or services to potential customers.

We are versed in creating this blend to increase effective communication in order to increase sales of your products.

Look Good: On all platforms!

It is popularly said that we do not have a second chance to make a first impression. Your website is the splitting image of your business and no matter how high the quality of your products and service/s are, they should be properly articulated on your website in order to convert prospects into returning customers.

Our development approach takes into consideration the different devices that could be used to access your website: Laptop, Smartphone or Mobile. We create responsive websites that adjust to all these platforms in order to present your value proposition to your prospects in a way that is easily comprehended with the aim of making sales.

CloudWurkz approach

Understanding Your Business

From contact, we ask the right questions about your business in order to create a cohesive information map.

This map gives us insights on how best to present your value proposition online.

Research and Content Development

Unless it is a completely new area of business, we benchmark top sites that render similar services.

this is aimed at making your business look the best online.

Sitemap / Architecture

With modern day user experience (UX) techniques, we draw up a sitemap that should encapsulate the very essence of what you do.

All with the singular aim of making key information easily accessible.

Design Execution

This is where we put the hammer to the nail, armed with all the information that we have gathered.