What should the perfect business email be?

Email Client Integration

Our business email implementation works with your email client e.g. Microsoft outlook and all the top email clients on your smartphone.

This service can optionally be configured with calendar and online storage features.

Spam Free

In our world of mobile notifications, you want to be certain that when your phone beeps, you are sure that it is a business mail and not spam!

Our Business email services ensure that you are not getting unsolicited emails

Unlimited Space

As the business celebrates every new year, so does the emails sent and received grows overtime.

It is important that the business should be able to refer to historical data, most especially for email audit purposes.

Create Trust... Even Online!

In today's world of email and instant messaging, A business could stand the risk of losing market share if it sends or solicits for emails from free platforms like yahoo, gmail etc. To build trust and convert prospects into clients, all businesses must send emails from its primary domain e.g.

Our email solutions integrate comfortably with all the top email clients e.g. Outlook. We make sure that your emails are free from spam so that you get only the mails that you need. Our email solution comes with unlimited space so that you can keep track of your historical mails over the years.

Why Branded Emails?

First Impressions

As it is said, we never have a second chance to create a first impression

Prospects and customers begin to take yo seriously when you move from the usual or email communication to

Promotes your website

When you correspond with branded emails, it serves as a constant reminder about the correct location of your website to the people you are communicating with.

This in turn increases the traffic to your website and increased sales of your products/services

Work-life balance

Businesses have resuming and closing time. Stakeholders in your business understand when mails should be sent for them to get a proper response.

A separate business email helps you know when you need to pay attention to business communication and when you need to rest.

Build Credibility and Trust

There are lots of scam emails flooding the internet and one of the only ways to show legitimacy is to use business/branded emails.

Who will you respond to : or ?