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why optimize your search results?

Targeted Marketing

People search for what thay are looking for through search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. If your website returns on the first page, chances are that your business sells what they are looking for.

This type of targeting brings your products and services in the face of the best prospects.

Trusted Brand

Your website returing tops of the search engines builds trust in your brand, it tells your clients that you are a thought leader in the area of your expertise.

This kind of visibilty creates more reccomendations, online virility and potential to break into newer markets for your brand.

Increased Sales

Good SEO leads to online visibility, and good online visibility in turn leads to more prospects that will finally lead to increased sales of your products and services.

We work with your brand to keep your website in a state that keeps it converting to sales.

what is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO from CloudWurkz perspective is all about positioning your website to rank higher than your competitors in search engine results, this will leads to more traffic from people who are already searching for what you have on offer and eventually increase your sales figure.

Over here at CloudWurkz, we do a proper website audit to make sure your website is SEO ready and we consult for you to add or remove all elements that may improve or hamper your results. Search engine algorithms constantly change and we watch these changes to be able to keep your online space at the forefront of the competition.

Our Approach to SEO

Study SE Terms and conditions updates

The rules eep changing and before we embark on a new campaign, we have to make sure that we are consistently moving with the changes so that we remain in the best postion to give accurate advise to our clients

Website Audit

We do a thorough examination of your website to make sure that it eets up with all the laid out guidelines from Google.

This examination will include the front end scripts, databases as well as vulnerbility checks.

Content Adjustments

This is to make sure that your website's content conforms to the guidelines as set by the search engines

Websites that do not meet stated guidlines stand the risk of being blacklisted.

Keyword Selection

Based on the interaction with our clients' business and a clear understanding of its value proposition, We carry out a research from the search engings to know how many people have searched for its products or services and from what region.