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What are people saying
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What is an Online Reputation?

Good Web Presence

When customers cant find you online is one thing, but how they meet you online is another. From presenting you to proper articulation of your products and services absolutely matter in scoring points for your reputation

Our delivery process takes cognizance of every detail on how you appear, weather on web or mobile devices.

Socially Responsible

How do you engage with your customers or prospects during festive periods on social media? the quality of your content on social media matters and contributes a great deal how stakeholders in your business perceive you.

Content development for social media starts with the principle that you are first social before you can make sales. Let us advise.

Negative Search Results

The search engines love bad news because more people will be talking about it. Then imagine that your company name is typed in the search engine bar and the first page results is filled with bad press.

For your business to survive this you will need to change these results and get them replaced with more positive content. Lets fix it.

When Negative Search Results Haunt!

A greater percentage of internet users will search for products and services through a search engine, then in most cases if they do not know your website address they most likely will type the name of your company in a search engine. If the greater part of what is written, posted or uploaded on the internet is negative content associated with your brand, chances are that the person searching will not be buying from you.

We work with your brand to push negative conversations down the tunnel of top search engines until they totally get erased. And with further consultations bring to the limelight the more positive conversations online. A popular slogan on the internet is " you can hide a dead body on page 2 of the search results" So chances are, if the good is ahead of the bad in the results; people will buy the products and services that you have on offer.

Why you need a good reputation

Positive Image

Weather you may be small or medium scale, its important to look your best in front of your customers or potential investors.

Its obvious the effect of a bad image on potential clients.

Employee Confidence

Your competitors are always on the look out on ways to take you out. with a bad reputation, your best talents can easily be poached.

A good reputation attracts the best skills to your business.